Icon TiMax Short Gloves

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Icon TiMax Short Gloves

The legend of Ti-Max goes something like this. There used to be 7 Earths orbiting one central planet where the gods lived. TiMax was a Titan - just a man, but with the blood of the gods in his veins. One day Zeus pissed him off, so he stole the indestructible titanium gauntlets from Zeus's suit of armor and punched the planet of the gods right in its stupid planet face, sending it ricocheting off the other 6 Earths like a cue ball in a game of celestial billiards. They were scattered around in other solar systems, and TiMax and the rest of us mortals on the 7th Earth, we just all hung out and sort of went on living our lives. The end.

The Icon TiMax Short Cuff Gloves are a faithful replica of the original titanium-clad  exoskeletal gauntlets TiMax used to liberate the planet, complete with wrist wrap closure, leather backhand and goatskin palm.


  • Military-grade titanium knuckle and finger plates
  • Leather backhand
  • Floating knuckle construction
  • Expansion panels
  • Wrist Wrap Closure
  • Battlehide goatskin leather palm
  • Leather overlays