Seven Zero Laser Compression Jersey

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2017 Seven Zero Laser Compression Jersey

The Next Level In Athletic Performance.This first of its kind compression jersey will forever change the way you gear up to ride.
Designed to give athletes unmatched energy saving support with cooler body temperatures with the laser cut holes. This compression jersey is part of a two-piece jersey unit meant to be worn under our Zero Over-Jersey that will give you unmatched performance while racing the best in the world.

  • Athletic compression fit holds muscles tight to reduce unnecessary muscle movement or shaking that results in loss of energy
  • Muscle compression also promotes blood and oxygen flow which aids in quicker muscle recovery allowing for muscles to work at a higher rate for longer periods of time
  • Ultra light weight moisture wicking performance material construction pull’s moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry
  • Laser cut air-intake holes in the bodies high heat zones help to regulate body temperature
  • Garment cut for resistance free mobility

96 Different combinations to build!!

 Choose your Base Layer, Your Over Jersey, Your Pants, and Your Gloves, no one will have the same look as you!

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