Avon Cobra Touring Tires (Front and Rear)

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Avon AV71 Cobra Front Tire

A cruiser tire with some performance built into it, Avon’s AV71 Cobra Front Tire features a sport influenced tread pattern that is comfortable and quiet in the straight line and yet more than capable in the corners. Suitable for larger touring bikes as well, the Cobra makes for an excellent balance of mileage and riding enjoyment.

Available in a wide range of sizes, incorporating fitments for Harley Davidson's V-Rod, Triumph's Rocket III, Honda's Goldwing and Valkyrie plus some sizes for custom bike applications.


  • Aimed at the power cruiser/custom market
  • Incorporates sports tread technology for nimble handling
  • Advanced-Variable Density Belt construction technology utilizes a jointless belt of ultra-strong material
  • Force Following Grooves significantly reduce irregular and advanced wear on bikes that carry heavy loads
  • Incredible stability and longevity - perfect for touring