Bikemaster Intelligent Charger

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Bikemaster - Intelligent Charger



The BikeMaster Intelligent Charger/Maintainer is ideal for charging/maintaining 6 volt and 12 volt lead acid batteries, including: Conventional Acid Batteries (Wet), Factory Activated Maintenance-Free Batteries (FA), Absorbed Glass Mat Maintenance-Free Batteries (AGM and Gel Batteries (Gel Electrolyte). This little 1 Amp charger packs a punch with 6v and 12v capabilities




  • Three stage charging process safely and fully charges all lead acid battery types including AGM and Gel without overcharging
  • Built in microprocessor to maximize a safe charge input
  • Charge pulse and recovery modes help to revive sulfated batteries without battery damage
  • Initial test qualifies battery’s condition
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • High impact housing is corrosion and shock resistant
  • Three LED user interface for easy process identification