Dunlop D908 Rally Raid Offroad Tires

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Designed for severe racing and cross-country conditions. Provides enhanced wear resistance and grip over rocks, hard ground and other off-road terrain. Also, tire of choice for select adventure motorcycles.

  • Designed for the speed, horsepower and weight of large-displacement rally-type machines.
  • The D908RR is DOT approved for street-legal use.
  • Reinforced tread blocks yield enhanced traction and stability.
  • Generous open space around the shoulder area helps optimize traction in sand and mud.
  • Heavy-duty casing for excellent bump absorption and allows lower air pressures for a larger footprint and increased traction.

Tire Specifications:

  • Load / speed index: 54R.
  • Recommended rim size (inches): 1.60 (1.85 - 2.15).
  • Overall diameter (inches): 27.87.
  • Overall width (inches): 3.70.
  • Full tread depth (inches): 14/32.
  • Maximum load (pounds) / PSI: N/A.
  • Construction: Bias / tube type.