Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags

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Wolfman went all out to create the new Expedition Dry Saddlebags.  We designed these bags to be durable and 100% waterproof for the most adventurous and aggressive riders around.  We started with burly 22 ounce and 34 ounce vinyl, and used cutting edge Radio Frequency technology for completely sealed seams. Next, we developed an ultra-stable mounting system. These sturdy bags attach to our proprietary Wolfman Side Racks with what is possibly the easiest mounting system available.

For input on the design, Wolfman called on  friend Ned Suesse from the Dual Sport Riding Techniques DVDs.  Ned is a leader in his field and gave expert beta advice on the bag design. We were looking at riding extremes, and early field testing was geared towards the ultra-aggressive adventure rider. Ultimately though, the functional simplicity of the bag-rack system works for everyone.

These Saddle Bags have two straps over the seat and each bag attaches to the Wolfman Side Rack with 4 points for maximum hold.  The mounting straps double as compression straps to keep the load attached and tight.  During testing we saw that once the bags were attached to the racks, they were attached so securely that we could have dragged the bike by the bags. Our mission was to create a functional, sturdy and quick release Saddle bag system that will act as one with bike and rider.  No loose moving bags here!

We use an internal Butterfly stiffener, stiff back, bottom and front, which helps the bag retain shape and allows the load to be compressed tightly. A replaceable non-skid rubber pad (made from recycled tires - how cool is that?) on the bike-side of the bag prevents excessive bag movement and protects the bag from vibration abrasion.

Saddle bags are sold as a pair. Wolf Side Racks sold separately.

*Mounting Options: We feel that using these bags with the Wolf Side Racks make for the ultimate in stability and ease of use. But these versatile bags will work with many other racks. We offer these mounting options:

• Wolf Side Racks - choose this and your bags will come with the hardware you need to mount to a Wolf Side Rack..

• Other Racks - choose this and your bags will come with the hardware you need to mount to most other racks with these dimensions: racks must be oval/rectangle shaped (i.e.: touratec, hepco/becker, givi, happy-trail) and height of  hoop (top to bottom)  must not exceed 9.5 inches. 

Features include: -100% Waterproof fabric - 22oz body and 34oz bottom. -Radio Frequency welded seams.     -Waterproof roll-top with no-wick webbing     -Multi Compression straps to cinch the load tight. -Recycled tire-rubber backing pad. -Extra tall opening for size adjustability
Plus: •Internal Butterfly stiffener helps keep contents compressed evenly, protects the insides of the bags from abrasion and sharp objects, and it is removable and replaceable.
•Completely removable mounting harnesses. Cut a strap too short? Change of bikes? Wear, tear, or damage? No worries! Replacement strap kits are available.
•Two different backing pads available - for mounting on a rack or mounting against bodywork.    

Dimensions:   Length: 13” Width: 7” Height: 13”  adjustable about 3” more.

Capacity:   38 liters per pair 19 liters each The extra tall opening can adjust to add 2 or more liters per bag.