KTM 05-16 OX-BRAKE Auxiliary Brake System (left side)

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The OX-BRAKE “Auxiliary Braking System” is a cable actuated left-hand rear braking system (LHRB). It’s an extremely effective and functional auxiliary hand brake. The OX-BRAKE design offers enhanced braking control and incredible power that can allow you to lock up the rear wheel with just two fingers.

OX-BRAKE is great for off camber turns, downhill switchbacks, or bull dogging your bike on nasty downhills. OX-BRAKE is one of those accessories that you will grow to appreciate with each ride and soon you will be wondering how you rode without one.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Doesn’t Clutter Controls
  • Enhanced Braking Control
  • On-The-Fly Adjust-ability
  • No Brake Bleeding Required
  • OEM Rear Brake System Unaffected by OX-BRAKE
  • DirtRider Tested and Praised for Function and Quality
  • Multifunction Switch Available for Certain Models