Arai Pro Shield System (3 Options)

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  • ****Mirrored options DO NOT include the clear full face shield. They are just the clip on shade*****
  • Replaces the face shield of any of Arai's current full-face motorcycle helmets that use the SAI-type shield (e.g. Corsair-V, Defiant, RX-Q, Signet-Q, and Vector-2 helmets)
  • Comes installed on a Pin Lock enabled MAX-V Brow Vented shield (Pin Lock insert not included)
  • Face shield provides an excellent field of view and maintains the benefits of Arai's brow vent intake ducts
  • Sun shield can be quickly and easily raised and lowered by the rider depending upon riding conditions
  • When raised, the shield works like a peak and minimizes glare when the sun is higher in the sky
  • Lowering the shield reduces the amount of light entering the helmet, particularly beneficial when the sun is lower in the sky
  • Functions as a peak or as a dark smoke sun shade - converts in seconds
  • Provides shade and reduces glare in addition to acting as a peak
  • Brings comfort to everyday commutes and long touring rides
  • In the peak configuration, the Pro Shade System reduces sun glare
  • Intelligent lock system prevents the shade from dropping unexpectedly from wind pressure
  • In the shade configuration, the Pro Shade System reduces the amount of light that comes into the eye port
  • Designed to raise quickly should light conditions darken unexpectedly
  • Easily lifted at the center with your thumb, then locked by pushing back to secure both pivot points
  • Lowers simply by pulling shade forward at center to disengage locks at both pivot points, and then lowering shade
  • Movable portion of the shield is designed to break away easily in the event of an impact
  • Does not compromise the energy management capability engineered into the helmet shell