Double Take Mirror Complete Adventure Assembly

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Double Take Mirror Complete Adventure Assembly Kit
We loved the innovative features and durability of the original Doubletake mirror and the new Adventure Mirror is no exception. These mirrors are great and they're heavy duty and are designed to take a spill. You need to get yourself a Doubletake Mirror, trust us. It is perfect for riders who take their ADV motorcycle mostly on the street, where its best to have your mirror extended for better visibility in traffic. The mirrors are sold each.
Comes With:
1- Adventure Mirror
1- 5" Ram Arm
1- Ram Ball 10x 1.25
1- BMW Adapter 10x1.5
1- Reverse thread Adapter (10mm- for KTM 390, 790, 890, BMW 310GS, All Yamahas, and some Ducati's)
1- Extension (for extra clearance)
Kit has everything needed for any bike!
  • Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
  • Excellent visibility- SAE spec 
  • Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes
  • Guaranteed against breakage
  • Universal Left/Right - sold each
  • Mirror measures 5.25in x 3.5in (135mm x 90mm)
  • Made in the USA RAM Arm

 Outstanding Visibility
Our mirrors use SAE spec convex glass (like the stock ones do) which gives a much greater field of view than flat glass would, while avoiding excessive distortion.

Virtually Indestructible
43% glass fill zytel is really, really tough stuff. If you ever succeed in breaking your mirror housing, we’ll replace it in exchange for hearing the story, because it’s bound to be a good one!
Easy to Fold or Remove
RAM components tighten with a thumbscrew, so no tools are needed to remove or reposition the mirror.
Position Anywhere
Stock mirrors are not only hard to adjust, they also have a minimal range of positions available. Ever try to position one so you can see behind you when standing up? No problem with the Doubletake system.
Protect Your Controls
In case of a crash, that which doesn’t move will inevitably break. Stock mirrors often mount to your brake or clutch master cylinder, so hitting one can leave you stranded on the trail. The Doubletake system will move and give way, not only protecting the mirror but your bike as well.