KFI ATV Snow Plow Strap

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KFI Plow Strap

Replace your Winch Line this plow season with the new KFI Plow Strap.
Reduces wear and tear on you winch and roller while raising and lowering your plow blade.

  • For use with Standard or Wide winches.
  • Recommended to be used with roller fairlead.
  • Replaces a Steel/Synthetic line during Plow Season
  • 64 Inches of overall length.
  • FEATURES: Use your existing winch hook.
    • 1-1/4" WIDE Heavy Duty Strap
    • 5/16" Synthetic Attachment Line
  • Multiple spool attachment options.
  • Maximizes winch pulling capacity.
  • Eliminates damage to winch by avoiding cable stacking & binding.
  • Reduce Wear on fairleads.
  • Ideal For Plowing
  • Prolongs life of cable.