KFI ATV Snow Plow Manual Lift Kit

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KFI ATV Manual Lift Kit

Designed for ATV's that do not have a winch. Handle installs on left side of ATV making raising and lowering the blade extremely easy. 


  • Works with KFI ATV Push Tubes: 105000 / 105760
  • Will work universally on most ATVs
  • Use with up to 60” KFI Blades
  • When done plowing the lift will remain with the plow tubes
  • Shot Blasted before powder coating
  • Powder Coated TOUGH - Black
  • Gets at least 5-1/2” of lift with around 25lbs of lift effort

NOTE: Does not work with plow mount #105715

For Snow Plows you need to purchase:


-Push Tube

         -Mount for Push tube that's specific to each ATV/UTV

-Lift System (Either hand Lift or Winch)

         - If You choose a Winch lift, you need a Winch and the specific mount for each ATV/UTV

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