Twin Air Air Filter for DR650 (96'-18')

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The Twin Air-Air Filter is designed with high quality materials and superior construction that delivers unbeatable performance and protection and will make the Twin Air- Air Filter the hands down choice of more world & national champions than all other filters combined. The Twin Air-Air Filter has two layers of foam the first layer of foam is open pore foam that catches airborne dirt, grime and sand and the second layer of foam traps the smallest of particles while ensuring maximum air passage. The Twin Air- Air Filter will give you the performance and durability that you want your machine to have during all types of conditions you will take it through.

  • Twin air dual stage filters are the choice of top factory teams and riders worldwide.
  • Dual bonded foam design filters out even the smallest dirt particles, while allowing more air flow than "two separate layer" filters (flow bench proven).
  • Twin air filters are slightly smaller than stock, making them easier to change while increasing dead air space around the filter for better performance.


- Suzuki
2016 - DR650S
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