100% Goggles Youth Accuri/Strata Lens Replacement

$10.95 - $24.95
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After being relentlessly blasted in the face with roost, bugs, branches and miscellaneous filth, your goggles will eventually need new lenses. 100% Youth Accuri and Strata Goggles are all designed for easy lens swaps. Freshen up your face and vision with 100% Replacement Goggle Lenses.


  • Clear lens - All purpose lens provides maximum amount of light allowance for all conditions.
  • Smoke lens - Neutral tint reduces glare while providing accurate color perception in medium to bright light conditions.
  • Colored Mirror lenses - Mirrored finish offers the maximum reduction of glare in bright light conditions for improved performance and visibility.
  • Fits Youth Accuri and Strata goggles

Anti-fog replacement lens for 100% Youth Goggles