Bell Moto-10 Spherical Tomac PC23 Helmet

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Bell Moto-10 Spherical Tomac PC23 Helmet

As leaders in head protection, one thing has stayed the same since Bell developed the first full-face motocross helmet in 1975 - they never stop breaking their own boundaries. Thriving on the progression of helmet development, Bell is determined not to follow trends, but create leading solutions to help make their riders safe while they perform at their best.

Meet the Moto-10 Spherical - the evolution of the Bell Moto series.


  • Spherical Technology Powered by MIPS - As the demands of racing increase, so does the need for increased protection. The Moto-10 is the first off-road helmet to offer Spherical Technology powered by MIPS. Created in the Bell+Giro testing Dome in Scotts Valley, CA, the proprietary Spherical Technology features a Ball-and-Socket design that helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. Because of the Spherical Technology channels inside the first-of-its-kind segmented 3K carbon shell, Bell achieves superior sweat management, weight reduction, and ventilation like never before - all without compromising energy management.
  • Thermal Exchange Airflow System - This ventilation is so extreme, Bell named it the Thermal Exchange Airflow System because of how it sucks in cool air like a vacuum and then expels hot air through the side and rear exhaust ports. And as any rider knows, ventilation and sweat management go hand-in-hand. Take it from Cooper Webb: "I can feel the sweat running down my forehead then getting pushed across my brow and away from my googles." Excited yet?
  • Panoramic Goggle Port - To top things off, the Moto-10 offers a Panoramic Goggle port - the largest in the market. The wider port provides better fitment, optimal sealing, and a massive field of view, increasing the rider's visibility and safety when needed most.
  • NMR Bumpers - It's not just the interior of the Moto-10 that's protecting the rider, it's the exterior as well. Bell constructed two NMR (No Missed Races) bumpers on either side of the helmet. These bumpers are made with a softer EPP material that compresses under load but bounces back to its original form, helping to reduce the likelihood of further injury caused from the helmet contacting your body. While no crash is good, a broken collar bone will keep you out of the Championship.
  • Virus CoolJade Liner - To withstand the heat exchange and hard use, Bell added a Virus CoolJade liner. This removable, washable liner is made of fabric that has been infused with recycled jade to create a natural cooling effect. The ultra-wicking construction combined with CoolJade-infused yarn decreases your skin surface temperature up to 10F - keeping you cool, comfortable, and focused on the race at hand.
  • Certifications: DOT (US), SNELL 2020 (US).