Bridgestone X31 Offroad Tires

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Bridgestone Battlecross X31 Tire

The Battlecross X31 is designed for a broad range of intermediate terrain for the ultimate traction on the track or trails. Starting where the X30 left off, the X31 is enhanced with Bunker Groove technology which works by improving casing flex for enhanced traction in harder terrain and adds biting edges for traction in softer conditions. Rear tire Cooling Fins promote consistent traction and feel under during a long moto by dispersing heat and minimizing inflation pressure gain. The symmetric front tire design enhanced with Castle Block Technology promotes braking stability while increasing biting edges and contact pressure on soft and slippery surfaces, while the asymmetric rear tire tread design enhances cornering traction by increasing lateral biting edges. 


  • Intermediate terrain tire with a wide range of use
  • Rear Cooling Fins to disperse heat and maintain tire pressure
  • Bunker Groove Technology for tread casing flex, a stable sidewall and increased soft terrain traction
  • Symmetrical front tread design and an asymmetrical rear tread design
  • For offroad use only