Heidenau K60 Ranger Dual Sport Tires

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Heidenau K60 Ranger Tires

Designed to be a more off-road focused (70/30) version of the wildly popular K60 Scout tires, the K60 Rangers from Heidenau offer excellent off-road handling while giving up minimal performance on road.


  • Primarily off-road dual sport / adventure tire (70% off-road / 30% on-road)
  • Open tread profile provides enhanced traction and self-cleaning on loose surfaces
  • Alternating edge tread ensures even power transmission and enhanced sideways climbing performance (for example- ruts and single track)
  • Support features within the tire walls provide long lasting stable driving behavior, independent of surface conditions
  • Optimized tire contour for off-road riding
  • Reinforced carcass with high puncture resistance
  • High level of tread stability off-road and excellent grip on wet asphalt thanks to an entirely new compound / carcass