Moose Racing Tap & Die Metric Kit

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Moose Racing Tap & Die Metric Kit

  • Works great for cutting new threads as well as chasing threads that may have been damaged
  • Manufactured from quality, uncoated high speed steel for durability and precision cutting
  • 40 piece set includes taps and dies along with correct tap and die wrenches, screwdriver for die wrench, pitch gauge, thread-drill size chart and durable plastic case
  • Sizes listed below

SIZES M3 x 0.5; M3 x 0.6; M4 x 0.7; M4 x 0.75; M5 x 0.8; M5 x 0.9; M6 x 0.75; M6 x 1.00; M7 x 0.75; M7 x 1.00; M8 x 1.00; M8 x 1.25; M10 x 1.25; M10 x 1.50; M12 x 1.5; M12 x 1.75; 1/8" NPT