Motul 2T 800 2-Stroke Premix Oil

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Motul 2T 800  2-Stroke Premix Oil

 100% synthetic lubricant based on Double-Ester-Technology that is specially designed for all off-road racing premix 2-stroke engines operating at high revs and under high load. Very high lubricating properties decrease friction and wear. Keeps engines and exhaust power valves clean.

  • Formula developed for Motocross Grand Prix Teams; suitable with standard and unleaded gasoline up to 124 octane.
  • Improved and reinforced formula based on 2 different Esters in order to provide outstanding lubrication under highly stringent conditions: acceleration after a curve or at the end of the straight at high RPM, full throttle, full load or during braking at high RPM, closed throttle. Also provides perfect lubrication under wet conditions.
  • Very high lubricating properties which decrease friction and wear.
  • Prevents piston rings and exhaust power valves from sticking.
  • All racing 2-stroke engines, high-performance and using premix: Motocross, Enduro, Trials, Quads, etc.
  • Improved formulation, reinforced desemulsion properties, prevents carburetor throttle from sticking and provides perfect lubrication under wet conditions.
  • Keeps engines and exhaust power valves well lubricated.
  • Orange colored, can be easily detected in fuel.
  • Standard: API TC.

Size= 1 Liter