No Toil Pre Oiled Air Filter for KX450F (16'-19')

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No Toil Pre Oiled Air Filter

Made to the same high standards as the No Toil Standard Air Filters, the Pre-Oiled Air Filters come treated with the perfect amount of Evolution Air Filter Oil and are ready to go right out of the package. Gloves are included to keep your hands clean while taking care of this sticky situation.


  • Dual stage foam with two different pore sizes trap even the smallest dust particles
  • Flame laminated foam means both foam stages are heat sealed together and not glued which provides maximum airflow
  • Reticulated foam construction increases dirt-stopping surface area and increases foam strength
  • Light color foam is easier to spot filter oil and assure even distribution
  • Sold individually
  • Made in the USA
- Kawasaki
2019 - KX250F
2018 - KX250F
2017 - KX250F
2017 - KX450F
2016 - KX450F