Pieps Powder BT Avalanche Beacon

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Klim Pieps Powder Transmitter

With a smart transmitter that auto-adjusts the sending antenna to give searching beacons the best signal, a huge 60-meter circular range, and "mark function" for multiple burial scenarios, the PIEPS Powder BT Avalanche Beacon has all the cutting-edge features backcountry riders need. Designed for backcountry snowmobilers who regularly venture into serious terrain, the PIEPS Powder BT Avalanche Beacon is packed with features. In addition to its massive 60-meter circular range and 60-meter search strip, the Powder BT features an innovative smart transmitter that recognizes other buried devices and auto-adjusts its signal to aid in more accurate recovery.


  • Extensive self check technology
  • Readable display in all lighting conditions
  • Perfect mark performance due to exact signal processing without any performance losses
  • Pieps interference protection so influence of external interferences is eliminated or reduced to a minimum
  • Auto search to send function automatically switches the Klim Pieps Powder Transmitter from search mode to transmit mode, if the beacon is not moving for a certain time in case of burial
  • Group check reviews the activity and transmission parameters of the partner device
  • High wearing comfort carrying system at low weight neoprene pouch with soft shoulder strap
  • Quick-Pull-System for fast access to the device