Pit Bull Hybrid Headlift Front Stand

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Pit Bull Hybrid Headlift Front Stand

  • One piece welded design
  • Made in USA
  • The Pit-bull headlift stand lifts the bike from under the Triple-tree
  • This is the most stable method for lifting the front end of a sportbike
  • Once the motorcycle is on the stand, you will have plenty of room to remove the forks or tire
  • Must purchase model specific pin.
  • The upper portion of the Hybrid Headlift features a threaded 6mm hole which will allow you to install a simple 6mm bolt to serve as a caliper holder
  • Features 7 indexable height adjustments, which is very desirable when removing the forks on your motorcycle.

The Hybrid Headlift Front Stand comes standard with a 16" removable handle you can choose  for maximum leverage and of course the convenience of not having the handle be a trip hazard when the bike is left on the stand.  Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors