Renthal Twin Ring Rear Sprocket (CR/CRF)

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Renthal Twinring Rear Sprocket

The Renthal Twinring Rear Sprocket is a long lasting durable Off-Road sprocket that was developed and tested over the course of 5 years. The unique flat face two piece design keeps weight to a minimum and maximizes durability all while keeping a narrow profile. The outer steel ring is expanded at 200°C and then fitted to the aluminum inner before cooling, this process creates a permanent bond while flat socket set screws prevent lateral movement between the rings.

Renthal chainwheels are chosen by more factory Motocross and Supercross teams than any other brand on the market today. Each sprocket is CNC machined to offer the greatest concentricity and optimum tooth profile for maximum life and durability in the most extreme conditions. Through the CNC machining process, Renthal is able to create an extremely durable and lightweight rear sprocket which reduces revolving unsprung weight and allows maximum power transfer to the rear wheel. The Renthal Twinring Rear Sprocket was designed for the serious MX or Off-Road rider looking for maximum durability and performance.


  • Each Twinring sprocket that leaves Renthal's engineering facilities are individually CNC machined to the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit
  • Inner ring of the Twinring is engineered from Ultralight 7075 T6 Aluminum which helps keep weight to a minimum
  • Outer ring is constructed from electroless nickel coated steel which ensures an ultra long service life
  • Mud grooves prevent build up of mud, helping to increase the working life of the sprocket