SKF Fork Seals

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The Fork Seal Kit developed by SKF has been designed to create superior sealing performance while reducing friction in the process. The kit is comprised of 2 key parts, the oil seal and the wiper seal. The wiper seal is the powerhouse of the operation by providing the low friction environment to allow for a consistent hydraulic performance.


  • Includes: one oil seal and one wiper seal to minimize contamination reaching the oil seal

  • Wiper seal with optional dual lip design for high contamination situations

  • New oil seal lip geometry specific to fork seals

  • 20% Reduction of friction

  • Improved feel and smoothness

  • Increased life and performance

  • Enhanced water and dirt protection

  • Reduced wear and air suction

  • MXA 5 Star Rated “The added performance gained by the reduction of stiction is icing on the cake. The cake itself is doubling the fork seal life”