Stop and Go Tubeless Puncture Kit

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Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot - Details

    • Allows you to make an on the wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot
    • Includes the award winning Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger and the very compact Stop & Go Portable Mini-Air Compressor
    • It all fits into a durable zippered canvas case
    • Weight: 1.7 lbs

Kit Includes:

    • Nozzle
    • Tire Plugging Device
    • Probe Tool
    • Reamer/Rasp Tool
    • Hex Wrench
    • 15 Mushroom Plugs (5/16" diameter shaft x 3/4" length stem)
    • Retractable Razor Knife
    • Extra Zip Lock Bag
    • 12V Compressor unit
    • 4" inch tire valve hose
    • 66" inch power cord fits most battery tender wires
    • 12" inch extension alligator clips
    • 36" inch extension lighter adapter
    • Sports needle adapter
    • Inflatable adapter
    • Laminated Instructions
    • Zippered 7" x 4" x 3" canvas case


    Stop & Go Pocket Tubeless Tire Plugger Kit Features
  • Seals from the inside out, while staying on the wheel
  • Easily install mushroom shaped rubber plugs into all tubeless tires without dismounting tire from wheel
  • Plugging device 'drives' the plug into the hole with a turning of the hex wrench
  • The plug expands under pressure to fill the punctured area
  • A firm pull on the stem with your pliers seats the mushroom head on the inner wall allowing no air to escape
  • This technology insures maximum reliability while reducing your downtime in any situation

Stop & Go Portable Mini-Air Compressor Features

  • Compressor is made of heat resistant plastic that will not overheat
  • Small size makes it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV
  • Built in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 120 psi
  • Comes with a built in L.E.D. light letting you know that it is receiving power and helps you connect to the tire valve after dark
  • Sports needle adapter and inflatable adapter allow for inflation sport balls and camping equipment
  • On the road or in the wilderness, you will always have clean outside air available
  • Motorcycle tire will be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes
  • There is never a need for replacement parts or re-fills
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 6"