Uni Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter (Yamaha YZF450)

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Uni Multi-Stage Competition Air Filters are unsurpassed in airflow, dirt stopping and overall performance. And they produce more horsepower and more torque than any other air filter. Uni's revolutionary two stage air filter is the only filter that comes apart for maximum airflow and ultimate cleaning.

  • Traps dirt and dust in 2 layers of foam.
  • The large pore, pre-filter captures the bigger particles.
  • The small pore, inner filter prevents any engine-wrecking grit from reaching the cylinder.
  • Used by Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki off-road teams.
    - Yamaha
    2013 - YZ450F
    2012 - YZ450F
    2011 - YZ450F
    2010 - YZ450F