Dunlop Geomax MX14 Offroad Tires

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Dunlop Geomax MX14 Tires

When the sand gets deep or the mud starts flowing, the Dunlop MX14 is your answer. Designed specifically for the gnarliest motocross conditions, the MX14 takes cues from the successful MX12 tire but in a more refined and technical package. The MX14 offers increased drive-grip and traction on starts, straights and when exiting corners, improved braking performance for more rear tire stopping power in harsh conditions, perfect slide control when braking and cornering in sand and mud, and enhanced damping performance to keep the tire on the ground and digging in.


  • Designed for deep sand and mud conditions
  • Increased knob height (18% over MX12) increases drive-grip and traction
  • Updated rubber compound improves durability and increases traction through less knob flex
  • Enhanced block angles and flexible support fins on the braking side of knob offer improved braking and slide control
  • Construction has an additional ply to improve the linearity of the sidewall stiffness and enhance damping and absorption performance
  • Offered in a complete range of rear sizes from minis to big bikes
  • Pairs well with a MX12, MX33 or MX3S front