Dunlop Sportmax Q5s Sportbike Tires

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Dunlop Q5S Sportmax Tires

---Replaces Dunlop Q3+---

The fifth generation Dunlop Sportmax Q5S is a purpose-built, track-day and street tire that has been in the making for over 4 years. Evolving from a blend of the highly popular Sportmax Q3+ and Dunlop’s cutting-edge MotoAmerica spec road race tires, the Q5S utilizes the very best technologies Dunlop has to offer in this high performance track AND street tire. 

The main difference between the Q5S and the Q5 is the Q5 is the DOT legal track tire that you do not need tire warmers for while the Q5S is a high performance track tire that is also available to use on the street as well. 


  • Even more user-friendly, as dry and wet grip, tire compliance, and warm-up times have all been improved
  • New race tire derived compounds provide incredible grip
  • Updated profiles increase footprints at more extreme lean angles to give you more tire on the road for more grip and less slip