MotoZ Tractionator RallZ Dual Sport Tires

$131.99 - $278.99
Shipping: $40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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MotoZ Tractionator RallZ Dual Sport Tires

Based on the popular Tractionator Adventure but with more aggressive off-road traction in all weather extremes.

  • Designed by off road riders, for off road riders, for serious off road traction.

  • It is technically 25% stronger than many other adventure tires. Additionally the tread is deeper than most adventure tires.

  • Special compound designed to withstand the harshest of conditions found in Australia, USA, Baja, South America, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Morocco, etc.

  • The tread of the TRACTIONATOR RallZ Tire is designed to self-protect for long mileage and superior off road cornering.

  • DOT compliant (80% dirt / 20% street)